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Lose Weight or Reduce my Cellulite/Fat


Is a new type of radio frequency device that can permanently destroy fat, reduce cellulite and sculpt the face and body. It’s a great non-invasive alternative to surgical liposuction. Exilis is a much safer and easier procedure for people who want to rejuvenate and re-contour their face and bodies. Exilis has been shown in clinical trials to be both safe and effective, which is why the FDA has approved it for tightening lax skin.


Vanquish Fat Reduction can help you lose unwanted “belly” fat without surgery. Vanquish Fat Reduction treatments use a FDA-approved RF tech- nology to eliminate and destroy abdominal fat without invasive surgery. Vanquish is a safe, effective and affordable alternative for both woman and men who do not want invasive surgical procedures. There is no “down time” with Vanquish, you can get it done on your “lunch hour” and return to work. Vanquish Fat Reduction treatment only takes 45 minutes per area.


This revolutionary procedure uses a precisely controlled cooling method called Cryolipolysis to target, cool and eliminate fat cells without damage to neighboring tissue. After a one hour CoolSculpting procedure, your body goes to work. Over the next two to four months, the crystallized fat cells break down and they are naturally flushed from your body. Two treatments required for optimal results.


Is the first patented, FDA cleared process proven to fight cellulite. The technique is a one of a kind, non-invasive treatment, which consists of deep massage therapy done with vacuum suction so that the skin and subcutaneous tissue (dermis and some fat) is kneaded into a rolling device. A complete evaluation is provided at the initial complimentary consultation.

Medical Weight Loss

A medical weight loss diet is based on using natural hormones to trigger the system of releasing stored fat. In his research, Dr. Simeons discovered pregnant women release a hormone which causes the body to rely on stored fat for energy instead of packing more fat away. By harnessing this hormone, Dr. Simeons learned, even people who weren’t pregnant–including men–were able to release fat that had been stored for years leading to rapid, effective and safe weight loss.

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