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Sclerotherapy is a time-tested medical procedure to treat varicose and spider veins, and is especially favored for smaller varicose veins. It can be used with success on various kinds of unsightly or dilated blood vessels, and we offer this safe and effective vein treatment at Renew You MD in Houston and Lake Jackson. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

When To Consider It

If you’re bothered by unattractive veins on the face, legs or chest, sclerotherapy can treat most cosmetic vein problems. It works on all skin tones and improves the appearance of visible blood vessels marring the skin. Both tiny facial veins and larger leg veins can be treated with no damage to surrounding tissues. Dr. Yarish and his staff can consult with you beforehand to make sure you are a good candidate for this vein treatment.

What To Expect

Sclerotherapy has been around since the 1930s and has been effective for both men and women. The procedure involves injecting a saline solution directly into the spider or varicose veins, which irritates the blood vessel lining. This causes the vein to collapse, then shrink, and eventually closes up the veins. The collapsed vein then is reabsorbed into local tissues and fades away. Treatment time, naturally, depends on the number of blood vessels and their location, but sclerotherapy usually is a quick outpatient treatment done at either our Houston or Lake Jackson offices. Patients do report some pain or discomfort caused by cramping during the procedure; this is a normal reaction to the saline solution and not a sign of anything going wrong.

What Happens Afterward

There’s really no expected recovery downtime for sclerotherapy; you can drive yourself home from the procedure and side effects are slight and limited. Dr. Yarish will recommend that you avoid strenuous aerobic activity for a few days, to allow the veins to heal properly. Often, compression garments such as stockings are used afterward to aid quick healing without relapse of the veins. It’s a widely effective procedure with quick results for most patients, although depending on your veins’ response, more than one treatment may be indicated — and of course, it’s always possible for new spider or varicose veins to appear in new places, requiring a return visit to get rid of them if desired. Spider veins typically disappear completely in three or four weeks, with the larger varicose veins fading over a period of a few months.

To make a decision about whether sclerotherapy is a good choice for your condition, consult with our staff at ReNew You MD Medical Spa and Yarish Plastic Surgery in Houston or Lake Jackson.

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