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Dr. Scott Yarish – Houston’s Premier Plastic Surgeon

Having worked in the field since 1988, Dr. Yarish has perfected the art of both surgical and nonsurgical improvements in cosmetic appearance. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin Medical School, Dr. Yarish specialized in both general surgery and plastic surgery.

Through his years of experience, Dr. Yarish has developed one guiding philosophy: to help his patients get the results they desire through a personalized plan of care. He and his staff located in Houston achieve this at his state-of-the-art cosmetic surgery facilities, which feature the latest in equipment and technology. By tracking your results with imaging technology and providing the utmost level of care during your recovery, Dr. Yarish and the rest of the staff will help you realize all your expectations. . View photos and reviews of his work.

Everyone in Dr. Yarish’s practice is friendly and patient. They do whatever they can to make every procedure as comfortable as possible.

~ Barbara T.
If ever I am going to have another surgery, it will be Dr. Yarish who does the operation. He and his team are simply the greatest.

~ Alice D.
Dr. Yarish is AMAZING. Not only is he a gifted surgeon, he’s such a sweet, kind man. My care has been nothing short of First Class.

~ Nancy M.
My experience was wonderful! Love the staff! They always made me feel safe and well cared for.

~ Vanessa S.


Why should you be limited in the improvements you can make yourself? Dr. Yarish provides a number of plastic surgery services to accommodate patients with varying aesthetic needs. Ashamed of your sagging tummy? A tummy tuck might be the perfect solution you have been looking for. Wish your breasts were more prominent? Dr. Yarish specializes in all forms of breast enhancement including surgical and non surgical breast lifts, augmentation, and reduction. You can even make improvements to your face with a rhinoplasty, facelift, neck lift, and more.

Dr. Yarish also manages a full-service medical spa in the Houston area for an entire-body rejuvenation. Enjoy laser treatments to melt away wrinkles, dermal fillers to improve sagging, or hair transplants to boost your diminishing hairline. The possibilities for enhancing your appearance and increasing your self-confidence are nearly endless, as Dr. Yarish offers customized attention for any spot on your body you might want to improve. .


If you are not fully convinced of Dr. Yarish’s prowess in the field of cosmetic enhancements, let our before and after photos convince you. Many of our patients permit us to take a photo before their procedure as a reminder of how they once looked. Then, when they have finished their treatments, it is easy to see how far they have come and the vast improvement in their appearance.

As you can see, many of the patients in our before photos have sagging skin, large noses, baggy eyes, wrinkly smiles, or droopy chins. Seeing the transformation in the after photo is almost magical. We believe these pictures speak for themselves, so browse the gallery now to see some examples of how Dr. Yarish can revitalize and rejuvenate people of all ages and conditions.

View more before & after photos ›

View more before & after photos ›

View more before & after photos ›

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Are Facelift Results Permanent?

Choosing Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Yarish – who has over 30 years of experience and provides patients with his own, on-site surgical center that can even accommodate overnight stays – can help to provide you with great results at “turning back the hand of time” on your face. Through his decades of practice, Dr. Yarish has perfected the union of function meets form and combines his technical know-how with his aesthetic eye to give his patients results that look natural.

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