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The Signature Facial

In our offices at Renew You MD, the Signature Facial is created for each individual patient, designed to your specific and unique skin care needs. The first step is always an in-depth, detailed skin analysis with our aesthetic staff, who will consult with you to figure out the options best suited for your skin, both for in-office treatment and at-home maintenance. This signature treatment is available at both our Houston and Lake Jackson locations.

Renew You MD is under the medical direction of Dr. Yarish. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and find out more about The Signature Facial. We look forward to hearing from you and help you achieve your aesthetic goals with a full range of aesthetic and surgical procedures.

When To Think About Getting a Signature Facial at Renew You MD

The benefits of our Signature Facial, offered for both Houston and Lake Jackson women and men, are designed to meet needs from anti-aging, to deep cleansing, to acne or rosacea treatment, to minimize lines and wrinkles, or just to improve appearance. We have an experienced medical team who will decide on a facial treatment with your help and an in-person assessment of your skin.

What Happens During Treatment

Every Signature Facial treatment can be expected to include a light glycolic or salicylic acid peel, depending on your skin type and needs. Glycolic peels remove the upper layer of dead and damaged skin to encourage skin cell regeneration and rejuvenation, and are used for fine lines, acne, dry skin and pigmentation issues. Salicylic peels break down oils and fats in the skin and cleanses pores, for oily or acne-prone skin. This is followed by application of skin moisturizer, anti-aging serums, soothing creams or other skincare treatments for your specific conditions.

What to Expect Afterward

Getting a Signature Facial is a relaxing, easy procedure in a clean, calming environment. There is immediate improvement in appearance, giving you a refreshed, relaxed, and more youthful face to present to the world. Aftereffects of the peels may include brief stinging or skin dryness and flaking, and your skin will naturally be more sensitive after the treatment. Our aesthetic staff will help you with an at-home regimen to maintain the facial’s effects afterward.

Call Today for a Consultation at either of our offices in Houston or Lake Jackson and discover the benefits of The Signature Facial!

HydraFacial MD

Our skin takes a lot of abuse each day. Factors such as sun exposure, pollutants in the air, free radicals and other environmental damage can cause a dull complexion and wrinkles. A treatment like HydraFacial MD® can work at many levels to combat the such unavoidable signs of aging. At Renew You MD, we are proud to offer the residents of the Houston and Lake Jackson, Texas areas a full line of cosmetic treatments to meet their needs. Call our office today with questions or to schedule a consultation and discover how HydraFacial® can provide cleaner, hydrated, radiant skin.

About HydraFacial®

HydraFacial® is a skin resurfacing procedure that offers added benefits not found in many others. Vital nutrients are applied in a customized process to cleanse, exfoliate, extract, hydrate and protect. Vital nutrients like hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and peptides are used during different stages of the process to achieve the desired results. Houston and Lake Jackson patients love this treatment because it is not only non-invasive, it’s soothing and non-irritating. HydraFacial® can address a wide variety of skin issues such as:

  • Wrinkles
  • Fine lines
  • Oily skin
  • Enlarged, congested pores
  • Acne-prone skin
  • Age spots
  • Hyperpigmentation

Common areas treated with HydraFacial® are the face, neck, back and chest. Immediate results can be seen after the first treatment, but patients often opt to receive a series of treatments for best results.

HydraFacial MD® Ingredients

Each component of the HydraFacial® system serves a specific purpose. Fibroblasts and collagen are stimulated using a complex blend of peptides known as DermaBuilder. The layers of the dermis and epidermis are strengthened and repaired with these ingredients. Glycolic and salicylic acids form a peel that works in both a physical and a chemical manner to achieve optimal results. These peels work to exfoliate, stimulate collagen and attack acne-causing bacteria in a way that is gentle, unlike other types of peels that can require a recovery period.

What to Expect

Each treatment typically takes only about 30 minutes, so it’s convenient for busy Houston and Lake Jackson patients. The results of smoother, younger-looking and brighter skin last about seven days. Patients often return for monthly treatments, especially when targeting such issues as oily skin, enlarged pores, fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. No downtime is required, and treatments do not cause discomfort. In fact, many patients find them soothing and relaxing.

Contact Renew You MD today to schedule a consultation with our experienced medical team and find out more about HydraFacial MD® for gentle skin rejuvenation and cleansing.


Glowing, refreshed skin is a mark of youth and health. Unfortunately, time and pollutants in the environment tend to dull skin and rob men and women of the glowing, fresh look that they were born with. While it’s impossible to actually turn back the clock, it is possible to strip away the effects of time and environmental damage on the skin with a procedure called dermaplaning.

When performed by the highly trained medical team at Renew You MD, dermaplaning is an incredibly safe procedure that can help you get a brighter complexion and younger, healthier-looking skin. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

How Does Dermaplaning Work?

Dermaplaning is a form of manual exfoliation that is widely used to restore a natural glow to the skin. It is a safe and non-invasive procedure that can be completed with a single visit to our offices. The goal of dermaplaning is to remove the layer of dead skin cells that sits on top of your face. These dead cells tend to undermine your complexion and take away the natural, healthy glow of your skin. In dermaplaning, fuzzy hair known as fine villus is also removed. This hair is often referred to as peach fuzz, and it also interferes with the natural brightness of the complexion.

To complete the dermaplaning procedure, we use a special blade to gently remove dead skin cells and “peach fuzz” from your face. This simple procedure allows healthier, newer skin cells to come to the surface of your face, restoring natural glow. The blade used to remove peach fuzz and dead skin cells is very delicate, and the training and experience of our medical team ensure patient comfort, safety, and results you can trust.

Recovery from Dermaplaning

The friendly professionals at Renew You MD have performed thousands of dermaplaning procedures. Such procedures generally take a short amount of time and are completed in one office visit. Because dermaplaning is non-invasive and no damage is done to healthy skin, there is no recovery time necessary. You can resume your normal activities as soon as your appointment is over.

Dermaplaning Professionals in Houston and the Surrounding Areas

If you’re considering dermaplaning, it’s essential that you work with trustworthy, licensed professionals who have been trained to complete this procedure. At Renew You MD Medical Spa, Dr. Yarish and his staff treat every client with the utmost care. When you visit us for dermaplaning, you’ll meet with a team who understands your skin concerns and will help you get the youthful glow that you want. Call us today to set up a consultation and to learn more about what we have to offer you.


The SkinPen is a minimally invasive, non-ablative skin treatment designed to stimulate your skin’s natural ability to produce collagen and elastin formation. The SkinPen offers results to treat fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, hyperpigmentation and skin texture. This simple in-office procedure is extremely versatile and can be used on various parts of the body: face, neck, décolletage and hands with minimal down time.

Chemical Peels

VI Peel:

The VI Peel safely and effectively offers rejuvenating results for all skin types with minimal downtime. Unlike many other chemical peels, it can be used around the eye area, neck, chest, and hands. The VI Peel can be purchased as a single treatment or as a package of multiple treatments spaced approximately a month apart (or more).

Rejuvenate Peel:

The Rejuvenize Peel is an advanced formulation of peeling agents, with a built in anti-irritant and penetration enhancer that provides controlled exfoliation of the uppermost damaged layers of the skin. Rejuvenize Peel™ is appropriate for Houston and Lake Jackson patients with moderate to severe skin imperfections that result from skin aging and sun exposure, such as fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone and texture. Rejuvenize Peel™ also address skin unevenness that can be caused by acne scarring or pigmentary changes. This peel is safe for all skin types and tones. You will see noticeable improvements after just one peel with any of the following:

  • Clarity
  • Texture
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Hyperpigmentation

Vitalize Peel

The Vitalize Peel from SkinMedica brings the benefits of Alpha-Hydroxy and other peeling agents in a unique blend to provide a strong, but gentle treatment that is appropriate for all skin types. The Vitalize Peel has been clinically proven to help reduce the visible signs of aging. After one peel you will notice:

  • An improvement in your skin’s texture and tone
  • Lessening of fine lines
  • Healthier, more youthful appearance
  • Dramatic results are achieved with a series of peels
  • Skin Pen

For more information on this and other esthetician services or to schedule a consultation, contact our offices in Houston and Lake Jackson. 

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