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Imagine laying down, resting and doing 20-thousand crunches in 30 minutes? Getting fit while resting? You can with the EMSculpt!

Non-surgical fat reduction treatments have exploded in popularity over the past few years as technology has made it an effective and time-efficient option. But EMSculpt is the first treatment that takes this popular procedure a step further by actually toning targeted muscle and reducing fat at the same time. This treatment is a complete game changer for the industry, as it’s a first of its kind, the current approach to body-shaping contours through the elimination of fat and circumferential reduction. What most people don’t realize is 35% of the body is muscle, 25% is fat, and 16% is skin, and current body shaping techniques fail to address muscles, which greatly affects our body’s contour. BTL Emsculpt finally goes beyond just waistline reduction and elimination of fat cells to provide a dual treatment to address fat and muscle tone.

Just released in the summer of 2018, EMSculpt uses a precise type of electromagnetic energy that is applied from the surface of your skin with no incisions and no needles. The energy tones your chosen muscles (in the abdomen or the buttocks) at a deep level that exercise rarely reaches, while also breaking down fat in the treatment area. The result is a slimmer AND more toned appearance. For the buttocks, EMSculpt also produces the first ever non-invasive butt lift.

Dr. Yarish is thrilled to bring this breakthrough device to ReNew You MD! Call 713-467-4007 today for more information and to receive our special introductory pricing when you pre-book your appointment!



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