HCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin, is a hormone that’s often used to treat infertility, but physicians in recent years have studied its effects when used for medically-overseen weight loss.


We pair it with a restricted diet, so that the combination of this natural hormone plus low calorie intake triggers the body’s system to release stored fat and burn it. This means, simply, that for people who have struggled with weight loss through diet and exercise on their own, HCG can offer the boost needed to finally make progress with stubborn body fat. What’s more, it even adjusts how the body responds to fat in the future, helping “reset” the body to burn it better.

How Does It Work?

This approach is based on research that discovered that pregnant women, whose bodies are releasing HCG, rely on stored fat for energy instead of storing fat as usual. When non-pregnant people, including men, take HCG, their bodies respond the same way, releasing fat that in some cases has been stored for many years. This results in a rapid, yet safe and effective weight loss, overseen by medical professionals.

What to Expect

The first step is medical evaluation from Dr. Yarish and our staff to ensure HCG is an appropriate treatment for you. There are medical conditions that would make HCG weight loss unhealthy or unlikely to succeed, which we would screen you for. We also design a diet plan with healthy nutritional foods and recipes that suit you personally.

Prescription HCG is self-administered at home in injection form, which our medical staff will educate you on how to do properly. It’s not a long-term treatment; a complete course of HCG weight loss protocol lasts just a few weeks, as rapid weight loss at longer term would not be healthy, and also increases the risk of unwanted side effects. Throughout the treatments, Houston and Lake Jackson patients are guided by ReNew You MD Medical Spa staff to ensure injections and the diet both stay on track for the best results.

What Happens Afterward

Unlike many diet programs that results in muscle loss or fast weight regain afterward, patients should not regain any weight after finishing an HCG treatment. The goal is to permanently reset the body’s metabolism to burn fat differently, correcting its long-imbalanced process of storing too much fat. This means you see sustainable results, as long as a healthy diet and exercise plan is in place following the weight loss. You’ll also have continued support from our staff with training on maintenance and help transitioning off the HCG diet.

To find out whether this program is right for you, contact us at either the Houston or Lake Jackson locations for more information.