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Liposuction for men is a way to sculpt and reshape the body in several different areas that can often prove resistant to fat loss through diet or exercise. Pockets of fat can be removed from the chest, abdomen, love handles, back, neck and anywhere else that’s keeping you from your desired body shape.

It’s a very popular procedure, and at Yarish Plastic Surgery, Dr. Yarish uses the latest in ultrasound technology to make it also among the safest cosmetic surgeries to have. Contact us today at our offices in Houston and Lake Jackson to schedule a consultation and find out if you are a candidate for liposuction for men.

When To Consider It

If you suffer from persistent fat deposits in what’s known as the “saddle-bag” areas; abdomen, knees, ankles, waist, and chin or neck, liposuction can be the easiest way to remove these and reshape the tissue and skin for a better appearance. Men who have fat deposits in the chest area or enlarged breasts also are good candidates for liposuction. At your consultation, computer imaging will help you and our medical staff discuss your desired results and target the right areas.

What Happens During Liposuction

There are a combination of surgical treatment techniques used in liposuction for male patients. Usually, the tumescent technique is used first, as a solution of saline and soothing anesthetic is injected, which makes the targeted area swell, or tumesce. That allows easy separation of fat from other tissues. Tiny incisions are made and small cannulas, or tubes are inserted to remove the mixture and fat, with the use of suction– the way the procedure gets its name.

In denser tissue areas, like the male chest, upper stomach, love handles, hips, outer thighs or upper back, we use the ultrasonic technique as an additional tool. An ultrasonic wand uses high-frequency waves to actually liquefy fat in these tough areas, improving the sculpting process and reaching isolated areas of fat that previously were much more difficult to treat. Similar small incisions and drainage are used to remove the fat treated this way.

What to Expect Afterward

Liposuction is an outpatient treatment, but can be a long procedure depending on the needs of the patient and whether other procedures are combined with the surgery. Aftercare includes snug dressings and an elastic girdle compressing the treated areas, which both aids healing and helps the skin conform smoothly to the new shape of the underlying tissue. As you might expect, there is some post-operative pain and swelling, so post-treatment planning includes medication and possible activity restriction depending on the location of incisions and fat removal. Any remaining swelling, bruising or discoloration can be expected to subside over three to six weeks.

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At Yarish Plastic Surgery, we believe that skin and body rejuvenation is an evolutionary process that does not begin and end solely with the surgery itself.

While we do know that surgery is the most dramatic and gratifying part of the rejuvenation process, Dr. Yarish is also convinced that we can enhance and even maximize your surgery results with our “comprehensive rejuvenation concept”. This concept is essentially a treatment plan specifically designed for each procedure in order to prepare the skin and body for surgery and to aid the healing process following your surgery.

We do recognize that many people do not have the time or inclination to take advantage of the compete program, and we want to assure you that your surgical results will be the best attainable anywhere. However, if you are in a position to take advantage of the “comprehensive rejuvenation concept,” you will find the entire experience to be more relaxing, and you will know that you have treated yourself to the most unique and gratifying experience that plastic surgery has to offer. And you will know that you have availed yourself of the ultimate in skin and body rejuvenation.

In order to make this experience more convenient and affordable, we have created a combination of ultimate experience packages specifically tailored to enhance each procedure. Dr. Yarish strongly recommends that you take advantage of this “comprehensive rejuvenation concept.” The program outlined for you will be instituted pre-operatively, and will be continued post-operatively until healing is complete.

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