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Get a sleeker appearance with body contouring!


If you’ve recently lost a lot of weight, you probably look and feel much healthier. Unfortunately, one lingering problem you won’t be able to fix no matter how much you diet and exercise is sagging skin. Because it was previously stretched out, your skin lost its elasticity and won’t conform to your new, slimmer form.

That’s where body contouring can help. It’s a surgical technique that tightens and counters one or more areas of the body for improved appearance and comfort.

Types of Body Contouring

Body contouring isn’t limited to a single part of the body. Our doctors can perform this procedure in numerous different troublesome locations such as your:

  • Arms
  • Inner or outer thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Breasts
  • Stomach
  • Face and neck
  • Back

The great thing is that surgery can address one or all of these areas on the same day, so you can go home looking and feeling like a brand new person. Of course, the larger combination of procedures may require and overnight stay in our fully staffed overnight suite.

Ideal Candidates for Body Contouring

Most healthy Houston and Lake Jackson adults are good candidates for body contouring. If you’re seeking body contouring to get rid of extra skin after extreme weight loss, it’s a good idea to be at or close to your ideal weight goal for some procedures. Yet some procedures can be performed when you still have a ways to go. Some patients “hit the wall” in their weight loss and our doctors can advise you as to what procedure he can do to reboot your weight loss and give you the same long-lasting results without having to repeat the procedure.

The Body Contouring Procedure

Every body contouring procedure is individualized based on your needs. Our doctors’ goal is to remove the excess skin and recontour your body in order to make you feel better in your own skin and clothes. Dr. Yarish and Dr. Bartlett use incisions placed in hidden areas to better conceal your scars. You may be trading contour for scars but at the expense of a better body image.

Reasons Our Doctors Enjoy Performing Body Contouring Surgery

Body Contouring and face lifting are the most creative and artistic of all plastic surgery procedures. It is probably the most satisfying of all surgeries to our doctors and to our Houston and Lake Jackson patients as well.

Recovering After Body Contouring

After body contouring, you’ll be able to walk, but you’ll still need to take things easy for two to four weeks, depending on the procedure. If you’ve just had a single procedure done, you might be able to go back to work in four-five days. However, if you have multiple areas of treatment, you might need to spend 2 to three weeks recovering. You will likely be required to wear a compression garment for six weeks after surgery to optimize shape.

Treatment Plan

At Yarish Plastic Surgery, we believe that skin and body rejuvenation is an evolutionary process that does not begin and end solely with the surgery itself.

While we do know that surgery is the most dramatic and gratifying part of the rejuvenation process, our doctors can enhance and even maximize your surgery results with our “comprehensive rejuvenation concept”. This concept is essentially a treatment plan specifically designed for each procedure in order to prepare the skin and body for surgery and to aid the healing process following your surgery.

We do recognize that many Houston and Lake Jackson patients do not have the time or inclination to take advantage of the complete program, and we want to assure you that your surgical results will be the best attainable anywhere. However, if you are in a position to take advantage of the “comprehensive rejuvenation concept,” you will find the entire experience to be more relaxing, and you will know that you have treated yourself to the most unique and gratifying experience that plastic surgery has to offer. And you will know that you have availed yourself of the ultimate in skin and body rejuvenation.

In order to make this experience more convenient and affordable, we have created a combination of ultimate experience packages specifically tailored to enhance each procedure. Our doctors strongly recommend that Houston and Lake Jackson patients take advantage of this “comprehensive rejuvenation concept.” The program outlined for you will be instituted pre-operatively, and will be continued post-operatively until healing is complete.

Frequently Asked Questions About Body Contouring

  • What Happens in a Body Contouring Consultation?

    During your consultation, our doctors will take as much time as necessary to go through your concerns and answer your questions. They will perform an exam to make sure you’re in good enough health for surgery as well as learn more about your goals. This may include taking measurements and photos to get a better idea of what’s possible for you. By the end of your visit, our doctors will establish a body contouring plan of action that’s right for you.

  • Are There Any Risks Involved with Body Contouring?

    As with all surgeries, body contouring does come with a few risks. There’s always the chance of infection, but you can avoid this issue by following your aftercare instructions. Some Houston and Lake Jackson patients do experience temporary numbness, bruising or swelling, but these generally fade after a few days.

  • Does Body Contouring Leave a Scar?

    Yes, your body contouring procedures will leave scars. That being said, our doctors do everything in their power to minimize the appearance of these scars. He makes incisions only in places that are hard to see and shouldn’t be noticeable when you wear clothes. For example, in a thigh lift, he will make incisions along the crease of your groin or the inner side of your leg. If you feel self-conscious about your scars, keep in mind that they will fade over time until you can barely notice them.

  • How Long Will It Take for Patients to See Results?

    Houston and Lake Jackson patients will see results from your body contouring immediately after the surgery, especially if you had our doctors trim away lots of extra skin. However, you will be dealing with some swelling and bruising, which can take two to four weeks to resolve for some procedures in some patients, results are more gradual, and the final results may take up to several weeks to achieve. To improve your recovery time, avoid smoking and use the vitamin regimen provided.

  • Are Body Contouring Results Permanent?

    The good news is that your body contouring results will be permanent, as long as you keep yourself healthy and at a stable weight. If you do gain excessive weight, your skin could begin to stretch again. Keep in mind that your body can change as you age, but your surgery will still provide lasting improvement.

If you’re interested in learning more about body contouring, please schedule a consultation at our Houston and Lake Jackson offices by calling (281) 326-9241.