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A neck lift is a cosmetic procedure that surgically corrects signs of aging in the neck area, as well as in the jaw region. Known medically as a lower rhytidectomy, this surgery is often helpful when the neck has aged more rapidly than the facial area. If you are unhappy with the appearance of the skin on your neck or feel self-conscious, neck lift surgery may be the answer for you. Yarish Plastic Surgery is happy to be able to offer Houston and Lake Jackson patients a more contoured silhouette through the expert skill and artistry of our doctors.

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About Neck Lift Surgery

Sagging jowls or the tell-tale “turkey wattle,” along with horizontal banding and vertical creases, are common signs of aging in the neck and jaw areas. Environment, gravity, heredity and even stress can play a role in causing these problematic issues as we age. These issues can make you feel and appear older than you really are. A neck lift can improve upon all of these problems by tightening the muscles of the neck, pulling the skin taut and contouring the jawline. Houston and Lake Jackson patients are left with a far sleeker, more graceful-looking neckline. Procedures such as brow lift, facelift, cheek lift or liposuction can be performed as well

Neck Lift Houston | Yarish Plastic Surgery as a means of further enhancing results. These options can be discussed during your consultation.

Neck Lift Candidates

In order to undergo this procedure, Houston and Lake Jackson candidates should be in overall good general health. It is important that you have no medical conditions present that would impair the healing process. In addition, neck lift is best for those who do not smoke. Finally, you should have a positive view and realistic expectations of the kinds of results you can expect with a neck lift. At your consultation, we will discuss the kinds of results that are likely in your unique situation.

What To Expect

You will either be given general anesthesia or intravenous sedation to ensure your comfort during surgery. Our doctors and medical team can recommend the best option for your particular case as well as which surgical technique will yield the best results. We will discuss your options during your consultation and create a customized surgical plan for you.

If you are interested in a neck lift procedure and would like to know if you’re an appropriate candidate, contact us today to set up an initial consultation. We look forward to serving you!

Treatment Plan

At Yarish Plastic Surgery, we believe that skin and body rejuvenation is an evolutionary process that does not begin and end solely with the surgery itself.

While we do know that surgery is the most dramatic and gratifying part of the rejuvenation process, our doctors can enhance and even maximize your surgery results with our “comprehensive rejuvenation concept”. This concept is essentially a treatment plan specifically designed for each procedure in order to prepare the skin and body for surgery and to aid the healing process following your surgery.

We do recognize that many Houston and Lake Jackson residents do not have the time or inclination to take advantage of the complete program, and we want to assure you that your surgical results will be the best attainable anywhere. However, if you are in a position to take advantage of the “comprehensive rejuvenation concept,” you will find the entire experience to be more relaxing, and you will know that you have treated yourself to the most unique and gratifying experience that plastic surgery has to offer. And you will know that you have availed yourself of the ultimate in skin and body rejuvenation.

In order to make this experience more convenient and affordable, we have created a combination of ultimate experience packages specifically tailored to enhance each procedure. Our doctors strongly recommend that you take advantage of this “comprehensive rejuvenation concept.” The program outlined for you will be instituted pre-operatively, and will be continued post-operatively until healing is complete.

For patients in the Houston and Lake Jackson, Texas areas,Yarish Plastic Surgery is a wise choice to receive a neck lift with dynamic results. Give our office a call today to set up a consultation to learn about all of the possibilities and whether you might be an ideal candidate.