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Commonly known as a nose job, rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that alters the shape of the nose or modifies its functioning. Rhinoplasty is performed to improve breathing, correct a congenital disability or repair the nose after an accident, such as deviated septum.

Many of our Houston and Lake Jackson nose surgery patients choose this surgery for cosmetic reasons. All nose jobs performed by our doctors maintain the symmetry and natural beauty of our patient’s facial features.


Dissatisfied with the size or shape of your nose? A rhinoplasty procedure can augment the anatomy of your nose, bringing facial features into greater harmony and proportion. At Yarish Plastic Surgery, our doctors are honored to help patients look and feel their best through state-of-the-art rhinoplasty procedures. Find out more about this surgery by contacting us directly.

Ideal Candidates for Rhinoplasty Surgery in Houston & Lake Jackson

This plastic surgery is suitable for almost anyone, as long as their nose has stopped growing. Girls should be at least 16 years old and boys at least 18 years old. At our practice, Dr. Yarish and Dr. Bartlett will confirm your candidacy after an initial consultation. We use imaging software that allows you to communicate the style of nose you prefer.

The Rhinoplasty Process at Yarish Plastic Surgery in Houston & Lake Jackson

Pre-Rhinoplasty Consultation

During your nose job consultation, you’ll share your medical history, tell us your reasons for wishing to have nose surgery, learn in-depth information about the procedure and discover the possibilities available to you.

At Yarish Plastic Surgery, we’ll provide a customized treatment plan that enhances your facial features and optimizes your nasal function. We offer a comprehensive rejuvenation approach that improves your overall experience from pre-surgery to after-care.

Rhinoplasty Surgery

Our Houston and Lake Jackson nose plastic surgery patients return home the same day of their surgery. You’ll either receive local or general anesthesia, depending on the extent of your cosmetic procedure.

Rhinoplasty surgeries entail reshaping the bone and cartilage within your nose to achieve your desired look. In most surgeries, incisions are made within the nostrils to perform the necessary work. Sometimes, cuts are made to enable more extensive restructuring.

Post-Rhinoplasty Surgery Recovery

Rhinoplasty procedures are invasive, so it’s critical to take some time to recover. Your nose should have minimal swelling. The total healing period is approximately six months.

You’ll have to wear a nasal splint for the first week after cosmetic surgery. Bruising and swelling around the eye area are normal and usually disappear within three to seven days. However, this can sometimes take up to two weeks.

Once your nose surgery healing is complete, the results are revealed. We recommend our rhinoplasty patients avoid strenuous activities for at least 3-6 weeks following the procedure.

Houston & Lake Jackson Nose Job Treatment Plan

At Yarish Plastic Surgery, we believe that skin and body rejuvenation is an evolutionary process that does not just begin and end with your nose plastic surgery. Our Houston and Lake Jackson practices design specific treatment plans for each of our procedures to prepare the skin and body for surgery and aid the healing process.

We know not all our patients have the time or inclination to take advantage of the complete program. While this doesn’t affect the results of your surgery, it will make the entire experience more relaxing.

Our treatment plans consist of different packages tailored to enhance each procedure and different patient budgets. The program outlined for you will be instituted pre-and-post operatively until your healing is complete.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rhinoplasty in Houston & Lake Jackson

  • What are the different types of nose plastic surgery in Houston & Lake Jackson?
    • Open Rhinoplasty: A small incision is made just under the tip of the nose to reach inside and sculpt it into a sleeker shape.
    • Closed Rhinoplasty: Small incisions are made inside the nose for minor re-sculpting.
    • Tiplasty: Only the tip of the nose is reshaped.
  • What are the risks of Rhinoplasty?

    Like all surgeries, nose jobs do carry some minor risks. Infection is usually the most common. If you take care of the incisions after your facial plastic surgery, your chances of infection will be minimal. While low, other risks include; difficulty breathing, change in skin sensation, nasal septal perforation, and the possibility of revision rhinoplasty.

  • Does Rhinoplasty cause bruising and swelling?

    Yes, your nose will swell slightly following the surgery. A plastic protector will be applied after the procedure to protect it from minor trauma and keep swelling at bay. Nothing may be inserted or packed inside if you are being treated for breathing problems at the same time.

    After the surgery, you may experience a small amount of pain around your head and nose, for which you’ll be administered pain medication.

  • How do I prepare for Rhinoplasty?

    After an initial consultation, you’ll have a visit with one of our friendly nurses or assistants approximately two weeks before surgery. They will remind you not to take medications that thin your blood, such as Aspirin or Advil. You will also be given a complete set of verbal and written instructions so that you can go over the process with your caretaker.

  • How much does Rhinoplasty cost?

    The cost depends on; the extent of the surgery required, the surgeon’s expertise, diagnostics and lab test fees, operating room and anesthesia expenses, and post-op costs. It’s best to book a consultation so that we can provide you with an accurate price.

  • Are Rhinoplasty results immediate?

    When we remove the splint after 5-7 days, you will immediately notice a slimmer, straighter nose. It is typical for a small amount of swelling to occur following splint removal, but this is unnoticeable to most.

    At Yarish Plastic Surgery, we are proud to perform surgical techniques that offer natural-looking results. Contact our offices to schedule a consultation or to find out more about how rhinoplasty can improve your appearance. We’re happy to assist you at Houston or Lake Jackson. Nose plastic surgery at Yarish Plastic Surgery can be a deeply rewarding procedure.