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Surgery Facility

At Yarish Plastic Surgery, we utilize a fully staffed AAAA surgical facility. The Crystal Outpatient Surgery Center was built for the private patients of Yarish Plastic Surgery. The Surgery Center is staffed by a group of exemplary professionals, hand-picked and supervised by Dr. Yarish.

Due to the type of certification held by Crystal Outpatient Surgery Center, we are able to perform all types of modern anesthesia and recovery for our plastic surgery patients. Since plastic surgery and aesthetic surgery, in particular, have evolved into such a highly specialized field, the administration of anesthesia and operative care have evolved along with it. Dr. Yarish firmly believes that the only way to properly provide the level of care and safety required for his highly technical procedures is to have carte blanche supervision of the entire process. At the Crystal Outpatient Surgery Center you can rest assured that all the details regarding safety and comfort have been perfected during many years that we have been at this location.


The Crystal Outpatient Surgery Center is located immediately adjacent to our office in order to provide added convenience, service, and coordination with the main office. The surgery facility includes private, comfortable waiting areas for the families of our patients, relaxing preoperative suites, and a postoperative recovery suite with an adjacent family waiting room to allow for family participation in the recovery process if desired.


One of the primary reasons Dr. Yarish uses this facility is that safety is without a doubt our primary concern, both at Yarish Plasic Surgery and the Crystal Outpatient Surgery Center. To that end, we not only have the most highly trained surgery center staff available, but Dr. Yarish ensures that all of the equipment at the facility is state-of-the-art. Moreover, all of our equipment, as well as the surgery center itself, are subjected to a rigorous schedule of inspection and certification. This accrediting agency is recognized throughout the United States and ensures that the surgical facilities, as well as the surgeons who utilize these facilities, adhere to the highest standards of safety and credentialing. Additionally, we have the most up to date emergency life support and resuscitation equipment available, combined with emergency-powered generation for all essential electronics.


We have a team of nurses and assistants available at all times to assist in the care of our patients. This postoperative care can be provided at the location of your choosing, either at home or in a private recovery suite. Our staff will be delighted to make these arrangements for you when you schedule your surgery.


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