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A dermafacial at Renew You MD combines the techniques of dermaplaning and our Signature Facial treatment to give you a radiant new look, ridding your skin of dead cells and facial hair all at once.

First, dermaplaning gently removes the top roughened layer of skin, including any peach fuzz or facial hair, lessens the appearance of fine lines and hyperpigmentation, or dark spots. Then, we follow it up with the Signature Facial, which will be customized to suit your specific skincare needs.

Renew You MD is led by Dr. Yarish and has locations in both Houston and Lake Jackson, Texas. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and find out more.

When to Consider It

If rough, dry skin and natural “peach fuzz” facial hair are bothering you, a dermafacial can remove both problems. It’s particularly desirable for those who make a living with cameras and makeup, such as models, actors and television personalities, since harsh lighting and heavy makeup often highlight these problems vividly. Dermaplaning also reveals a smoother skin complexion, allowing for better use of skincare and makeup products afterward. Sometimes, dermaplaning is indicated before other facial procedures we offer, if dead, rough skin is an obstacle.

A dermafacial is a good alternative to chemical treatments if you are pregnant or nursing, without the risk of chemicals in your system. It’s effective on dry skin and sensitive skin alike, although it’s not a good choice for those with deep acne. Our medical staff can help decide what exfoliation procedure best serves your needs during your personal consultation.

What Happens During the Procedure

The essence of the procedure is the use of a very fine scalpel to carefully and precisely scrape off just the top layer of dull and dead skin cells, uncovering the smoother, younger-looking skin underneath in a deep exfoliation. It’s a quick procedure, and painless, often compared to the feeling of shaving. During the facial portion of the treatment, custom-chosen peels and skincare products will then be applied based on your needs and skin type, for example, deep cleansing or anti-aging serums.

What to Expect Afterward

Our medical staff will advise you on at-home maintenance after a dermafacial. There are no expected side effects or downtime, but your skin will be highly sensitive immediately following, particularly to sun exposure, which should be limited, and the use of sunscreen is recommended.

You’ll see immediate results with a younger, radiant appearance and many patients say their skin has never been so soft and evenly textured, helped by the removal of any facial hair.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and find out if a dermafacial is right for you!

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